Find as many words as you can while the clock is running. Words are formed from letter squares that touch each other, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The letters must connect in the same order as the word is spelled, and the same square cannot be used twice in a single word.
With a mouse or touchscreen words can be spelled by clicking the letters in sequence, and then clicking the Submit button. As an alternative, words can also be submitted by double clicking or right clicking on the final letter. Mistakes can be corrected by clicking backwards through the highlighted letters. For convenience there are also buttons to clear the entire selection, and to rotate the puzzle for a fresh perspective.
Words can also be entered with the keyboard by typing them in the input box below the puzzle, and submitting with either the enter key or the spacebar. The following keyboard shortcuts are available:
/Rotate the puzzle
<Move cursor to puzzle
>Move cursor to chat
The NASPA Word List 2020 is used to validate word guesses. Words must therefore meet the same criteria as used by Scrabble: A valid word is not a proper noun, is spelled without a hyphen or apostrophe, and does not have its only usage as part of a multi-word phrase.
The minimum word length is four letters, but you can click one of the birds in the top right of the screen to increase the minimum word length for a greater challenge!
Earn a star by being the first to find a word with eight or more letters. Every board is guaranteed to have at least one such word. But if another player finds an even longer word than yours, the star becomes theirs.

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